The magic of Online Dating

It’s not that I don’t believe in online dating. I mean, I saw a couple of ads on the web and even checked out few websites myself. I just couldn’t understand how desperate those guys who try to find love there should be. But a couple of months ago I got myself in the position of such guy. Once I decided to put an end to my bachelor life, I realized that it was a lot tougher than it seemed. The problem is that I’m not exactly the type of men all the chicks fall in love with; besides, I’m an indoor person, so the only place where I can meet someone is my workplace. But all my coworkers care about is work, coffee, and sometimes browser games. So two precious months of my life went down the drain, leaving me no choice but to try online dating. And that’s how I ended up on dating site. Still haven’t met that special someone though, but at least I can date girls without leaving home.

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