Career Day at New Waverly Elementary

Nine members helped educate New Waverly Elementary students about honey bees. This was the first time that we used the station approach that we experienced in Galveston. It seemed to work well for the younger students. We also had a young beekeeper that we tested the stations with and got good feedback. We had five stations including kinds of bees in hive, protective gear, hives or bee homes, microscope viewing of bee parts and bee facts (with honey tasting) including waggle dance with presenter in bee suit (wishes to remain anonymous).  We will be using the same set up under the tent at the Folk Festival. The cons of this set up is that it is fast paced and requires 9 or 10 presenters and five tables instead of one. The pros are that we can work with the shorter attention span of the younger students and give them a good bee experience.  The students really enjoyed the microscopes and the waggle dance with honey tasting.

Thanks to New Waverly Intermediate for providing microscopes for this event.  The event lasted until one in the afternoon and lunch was provided by the school. We always enjoy our New Waverly schools visits. Thanks to all who helped

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